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CD Art Sculptures

This is a new addition to the Garden Arts projects. At this point, we are collecting unwanted compact discs (which are toxic and shouldn't be disposed of in landfills anyway) and making plans for attaching the CDs into artistic shapes. The hanging circle on the right is beautiful in the sunlight. As more sculptures are completed they will be added here (bottom) and to the Gallery page.

Small, free-standing/shipable CD art work is not available at this time. However, we are open to doing custom work and can offer patterns and instructions for the designs below. Use the contact button at the left for more information. Also, if you'd like to see an enlarged version of any of the designs below, let us know and we can provide a link.

If you know of someone in the Puget Sound, Washington area (Seattle-Tacoma-Olympia) with unwanted CDs needing to be picked up, we will do it. Use the Contact button at left for more information.

seahorse, indoors with flashseahorse, outdoors

group of sculptureslunar moth

snail, indoors with flash

snail, outdoorsanother outdoor snail